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Mr Satchuda Ramasawmy (Rouben) is the President of the Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation.  He was elected for the district of Upper Plaines Wilhems.  He is a Team Leader at Airports of Mauritius and is also an Entrepreneur running an Electrical business.  It is actually his second mandate at the MTTF and during his first mandate, he was the PRO.  Mr Rouben is also the President of Reunion Mariamen Kovil, Vacoas, a member of the Vacoas–Phoenix Tamil Federation and a Board member of the Vacoas Multipurpose Cooperative Society.

His main objective is to provide effective leadership and strategic guidance to the Board of the MTTF.  He will also see to it that the rights of our tamil brothers and sisters in Mauritius in the various spheres of the nation's activities are safeguarded and promoted according to merits which will ensure harmony within the nation.

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