List of kovils Celebrating Govinden - 2013

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President Message

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President of the Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation

Tennaadudeya Sivaneh Pōttri

Ennaattavarkkum Iraivaa Pōttri

Beloved Sisters and Brothers,


It gives me an immense pleasure to send these few words coming from the bottom of my heart to all Kovils affiliated to the MTTF just after having been re-elected as President of the Federation.

First of all, I would like to express my gratitude to all executive members of the MTTF, both past and present for their devotion and for their precious time and energy given to the Federation. My heartfelt thanks go to my sisters and brothers for trusting me once more to be the President of the MTTF. I am grateful to all those who are still giving me full support to gear the federation in the right way and to carry out my duties with good faith and sincerity. By our Almighty arulaasi and with your cooperation, I have been able to fulfill most of the responsibilities entrusted to me. I will do my utmost to keep the Federation alive and do yeoman services to the nation, Tamil community in particular.

I am pleased to inform you that during my chairmanship at the MTTF, many sub committees were set up to look into Religion, Culture, Youth and Communication, Education, Language, and Social Integration; Medical Assistance, Educational Assistance, Financial Assistance were given to needy members of the Tamil community; Seminars, Workshop, Forums, Pacific March, Laying of a Memorial Stone, Cultural Shows on various occasions, Career Guidance, Brainstorming for the youth, Course for Archagar, computer lab, library for our students with internet facilities and other activities were organized;

To shape the future of the Tamil Community, I had to lead meetings with various ministries and with famous institutions like MBC, MIE, MGI, and MES.

Musical box, religious prayer books along with audio and video Cds (Thiruppugazh, Tevaaram & Vazhippaatthup Paadagal), Panjaangam and Exercise books were distributed freely to all Kovils and devotees.

The THEEBAM FOUNDATION has been created to cater for needy students and poor families. We intend to form a credit union and also a youth wing for the benefit of our members.

We are much concerned with Tamil Examinations in Mauritius. As from next year a common syllabus will be implemented for our malai palli and also one certificate will be issued.

I wish to inform you that the MTTF will organize an International Conference on Tamil Diaspora Solidarity on 08th, 09 th and 10th November 2013 at Hotel Calodyne sur Mer, Grand Gaube where 200 delegates will participate.

Among new projects of the Federation, one is to have a multi-purpose building at Moka to serve the members of Tamil community.

Regional Miruthangam courses and journalism courses will be organized shortly. Other activities will be organized as usual.

I pray Kadavul to guide us and wish that your two representatives work together with other delegates in the executive committee for the advancement of the Tamil community.

I would like to invite the younger generation to come forward, join our team and share their experiences as they will be the rulers of tomorrow.

Once more let me thank you for the confidence you have in me to continue the noble task of the federation. You can rest assure that I will dedicate myself to serve the community to the best of my capacity with love and affection.

Vaazhga Tamizh!

Vaazhga Tamizh Makkal!


Menon Murday


Song on Genocide in Sri Lanka

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List Of Office Bearers

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President PWU Murday Soondrassen (Menon) Nadess Rd,Highlands,Phoenix 7754793
Vice President GP Gangadoo Darsen (Kissen) SWC Lane, Lescalier 7551432
Secretary FL Pareatumbee Siven (Mayeven) Mahatma Road, Lallmatie 7726566
1st Asst Secretary SV Veerasamy Nadden Prud'homme St, Riviere Des Anguilles 7740601
2nd Asst Secretary PL Veeramootoo Mareemootoo (Vijay) 43, Muslim Cemetery Rd, St Croix, P-Louis 7327923
Treasurer MK Armoogum Paramasiven (Jayen) Morc Raffray, St Pierre 7587707
Asst Treasurer RR Curpen Ravind Royal Road, L'Esperance, Piton 9466211
P.R.O PWU Ramsawmy Satchyuda (Rouben) 21A, Chellapen Lane, Vacoas 2558554

MK Sooben Madeven Tamil Temple Road, Verdun 7053332

FL Goparlen Narayana Goundan (Nadess) Furno Street, Bel Air Riviere Seche 499 2523

RR Mardaymootoo Magen (Manen) Royal Road, Belle Vue Maurel 791 5755

PL Candassamy Paramasiven (Kadress) 65 St Martin Roche Bois 2421192

PaM Auroomoogum Poolay Valaydon (Vel) Ruisseau Rose Montagne Longue 7769914

GP Sunassee Ponsamy (Deven) Collville Lane, Union Park 7530470

PaM Veerasami Poovendiren School Lane, 7eme Mille, Triolet 791 6148

SV Pawaday Ragadiven Kansamy Cite Saint Aubin, Riviere des Anguilles 767 3628

PWL Narayanam Pallany 32, Mgr Leen, Quatre Bornes 759 5476

PWL Mootoosamy Perianen 18, Petunnias Street, Coromandel 792 8379


Welcome to

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 Message from the President of the Mauritius Tamil Temples Federation

On the auspicious occasion of the Tamil New Year UYARVAAGAI AANDU(VIJAYA 5115) I would like to express my warmest greetings to all the members of the Tamil community.

May the Tamil New Year bring joy, love and peace in every family. I pray the Almighty to bless our country and its people with health and wealth.

I hope that new hopes, new aspirations new ideas and new resolutions will be fulfilled throughout the whole year to enable our Tamil sisters and brothers to reach the heights of success in their endeavours.



Stop Genocide in Sri Lanka

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